Want to maximise your fleet’s efficiency?

Contact MML Wholesale for a professional solution. With our Fleetcare Shrewsbury, you can experience all-new and connected vehicle maintenance and premium tyre solutions within your budget. Our Fleetcare service is available for small and medium-sized fleets operating the following vehicles:

  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Passenger Cars
  • Vans

What’s Included In Our Fleetcare Solutions Shrewsbury?

Bridgestone, the premium tyre brand, is also known for its sustainable mobility solutions and Fleetcare is one of them. With this Fleetcare service, you can boost your business with a single mobility partner in a flexible and advanced approach.

Here is our range of Fleetcare services:

Tyre Management Solutions

The tyre management solution includes tyre maintenance, selection, monitoring, and more. We monitor the tyres to ensure optimum performance during fleet operation while minimising expenses and downtime. Bridgestone tyres are designed for durability and maximum fuel efficiency and with this tyre management solution, you can unleash the maximum potential of these tyres.

Fleet Maintenance Programs

You can opt for our personalised fleet maintenance programs to maintain the smooth and optimal functioning of your fleet vehicles. We conduct timely inspections and provide preventive repairs and maintenance to address the issues beforehand so that you can stay safe from hefty bills and sudden breakdowns.

Webfleet Telematics and Tracking Solutions

With the cutting-edge Webfleet telematics from Bridgestone, you can get real-time tracking updates of your fleet. Moreover, it helps monitor and analyse the data of your fleet vehicles every time. So, you can monitor the driver’s behaviour, optimise the routes if need, and enhance the overall safety and efficiency of your vehicle from your preferred location. Besides, our preventive tyre care keeps your assets safe and secure through real-time vehicle diagnostics and 24/7 asset tracking.

Support Fleet Compliance

Besides ensuring the safety and right condition of your asset, we provide you with every support you need. We help you stay compliant with the traffic and transport regulations with fleet support services.

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

We are committed to maintaining sustainability. Thus, we introduce eco-friendly solutions to reduce the impact of your fleet on environmental standards. Our environmental sustainability initiatives include promoting efficient driving practices, recommending low-rolling-resistance tyres, and more.

Why Choose Us For Fleetcare Shrewsbury?

We come with years of experience and reputation to cater to all your fleet needs efficiently. That’s why we offer our Fleetcare services to our valuable customers.

Here are some of the reasons why you should conclude your “Fleetcare solutions near me” searches with us:

  • We focus on enhancing your customer’s satisfaction by delivering predictable service, boosting workflow management, and maximising uptime.
  • Our fuel-saving programs, predictive maintenance, and optimum asset utilisation help reduce the ownership cost.
  • Valuing the diverse requirements of every fleet, we come up with personalised solutions for our wide clientele.
  • Our Fleetcare service helps save your time by freeing up resources, improving your processes, etc.

Want to book us for Fleetcare Shrewbury? Visit our workshop at 6 Claremont Buildings, Shrewsbury SY11RJ, UK. We are open from Monday to Saturday.

For further information, feel free to contact 01352 876012 or sales@mml-wholesale.co.uk.