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We are happy that our tyre collection has caught your attention!

Since founding our company, we have always given our best to be THE premium retailer of bus and truck tyres in UK. At MML Wholesale you can find a massive tyre collection that features models from the best brands.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our tyre experts have gained considerable knowledge over time and can help you choose the right set of tyres for your truck, bus or RV.
  • To cater to the budgetary needs of your customers, we retail both premium and cheap truck tyres in UK. Our tyre inventory comprises models from premium brands, such as Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, etc. and budget brands, such as Goodride, Yokohama, Firestone, and Hankook.
  • Customers can easily order their preferred models from the comfort of their homes or workplaces by simply entering the necessary information in our online tyre searching tool and make a purchase to buy truck tyres in UK.

Online Truck Tyre Sale in UK

  • Truck tyres have a wider structure than other tyres, which distributes the weight of the truck evenly over the tyre surface, reduces tyre pressure, and allows you to transport even huge loads quickly and efficiently.
  • Unlike regular passenger tyres, they use four steel belts to increase longevity and reduce wear. In addition, their excellent resistance and greater protection against damage are made possible by their deeper tread depth, which is typically 22 mm compared to 8 mm for passenger car tyres.
  • To increase their life, most truck tyres are also equipped with a re-groovable treads. All these features make truck tyres strong and extra durable, making them ideal for demanding applications and providing reliable performance at all times.

Apart from selling truck tyres in UK, we also offer:

  • RV tyres
  • Bus tyres
  • Motorhome tyres

If you are planning to buy truck tyres in UK, check out some of your top-selling models:

  • Goodride GTX1
  • Bridgestone R284 ECOPIA
  • Continental Conti EcoRegional HD3

With us, you can put an end to your “truck tyres near me” searches. Order online or for personal advice visit us at 6 Claremont Buildings, in UK SY11RJ. You can also get in touch with us at sales@mml-wholesale.co.uk or 01352 876012.

We will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right tyres for your vehicle!