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Founded by the parent company, Zhongce Rubber Group Co. Ltd., Goodride is a Chinese tyre brand that has been in existence for the last 65 years. They are the largest manufacturers of tyres in China exporting specialised truck radial tyres, bias truck tyres and motorcycle tyres.

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Take A Look At Some Of The Top-Selling Goodride Truck Tyres in UK

Here are some of the most sought-after categories as per our website’s records of online tyre sale in UK:

Winter Tyres

These tyres have a more natural rubber compound thus making them adequately soft so as not to get brittle under harsh winter conditions. Also, they showcase aggressive tread blocks that bite onto the slushy surfaces giving you the ultimate truck driving experience during winters.

Here are some best-in-class winter variants of Goodride truck tyres:

  • IceGuard N2
  • NS785
  • NZ782
  • NZ788, etc.

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Besides this primary variant, you can certainly also get Summer Tyres and All-season Tyres from us.

Here only a few examples:

  • R8019 (suitable for light trucks)
  • M9088 (highly recommended for heavy trucks)
  • CR808 (preferable model if you are looking for nylon radial tyres for a light truck)

We also have these:

4x4 Tyres

Segregated further into Highway Terrain, Mud Terrain and All-Terrain variants, these tyres are suitable for occasional on and off-roading. Their 3D block designs safeguard the tread compound as you drive across challenging surfaces. In addition, these tyres enhance the aesthetic appeal of a truck's wheels owing to their high-cut superior designs.

Some on-demand Goodride 4x4 tyres at our store include:

  • SupTrac X1
  • SupGuard M1
  • CR926+
  • EZ573

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