Light & Medium Trucks

MML Wholesale has been delivering superior quality passenger and commercial vehicle tyres for over a century. Their products are based on cutting-edge technologies that support diversified communities as a whole.

Keeping in mind the budget and safety of light and medium truck drivers, we have introduced our very own collection of commercial tyres that can adapt to extensive workloads. These tyres are adequately tough to sustain extreme elements for over 4-5 years. Also, they come with commendable warranty periods.

Want to grab best-in-class tyres offered under light and medium trucks Shrewsbury?

Consider getting in touch with MML Wholesale. We are one of the most popular tyre retailers only supplying EU-labelled tyres (even the cheap tyres for trucks Shrewsbury).

You can send us an email at for buying advice and quotes before purchasing.

Light & Medium Trucks Price List Shrewsbury

Generally, we offer tyres with an index of 205/75R17.5 to customers who are looking for light and medium truck tyres. The price range varies from £35 - £300. You can see the different brand options as you proceed with the mentioned tyre size.

To get the exact price for truck tyres, please send us an email. You may even call us at 01352 876012 at your convenience.

How To Order

The ordering process is straightforward. Once you view the available tyres, you have to select the number of units you want to buy. Then, you can click on the buy option and proceed to checkout.

You can either pay us online or you can complete the payment upon receiving your tyres. For routine maintenance, our tyre experts provide you with a step-by-step manual.

Advantages To Buy Truck Tyres

These are some good reasons that make tyres for trucks Shrewsbury an optimal choice:

  • These tyres come under the steering tyre category, a kind that proves to be optimal both in icy and rainy conditions.
  • We house a wide collection of premium tyres. Thus, you get the best long-term solution that reduces your tyre replacement costs.
  • We are a workshop that supplies genuine truck tyres at affordable rates.

Therefore, you can rely on us and finally stop looking for “cheap tyres near me”.

To always get the right tyre size, kindly enter your truck’s registration number in our tyre finder tool.

While placing the order you can also choose the most convenient date and time for fitment.