Our Severe On/Off-road tyres are designed to provide exceptional performance and durability in the toughest conditions. These tyres feature reinforced sidewalls and aggressive tread patterns enabling them to handle heavy loads on construction worksites, mines, quarries, and other challenging terrains.

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Our severe on/off road tyres are known for its innovative, high-performance, and trustworthy build. We use advanced technology and premium materials to design the products. Severe on/off-road tyres ensure durability and enhanced traction on rocky/muddy/slipper/soft roads making them one of the most sought-after choices for truck tyres.

Some of the features of SEVERE ON/OFF ROAD Shrewsbury Tyres that make them one of the most-sought after tyre models are:

Specialised Tread Designs

Severe tyres feature aggressive tread depths of about 22 mm for proper traction on rocky / muddy surfaces. These treads help in providing excellent aquaplaning resistance all while safeguarding the tyres from punctures.

Run-Flat Technology

SEVERE ON OFF ROAD Shrewsbury tyres are manufactured using advanced run-flat technologies. These tyres feature self-supporting rings and reinforced sidewalls that ensure that the tyre remains inflated and can travel safe distances after punctures.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Severe tyres provide reduced rolling resistance due to their advanced tread compounds and construction techniques. This means that less energy is needed to keep the tyres rolling, resulting in better fuel efficiency.

Genuine EU-Labelled Cheap SEVERE ON OFF ROAD Shrewsbury

With their superior traction and resistance to wear and tear, severe on/off-road tyres are the perfect choice for anyone who needs reliable and long-lasting tyres for their heavy-duty vehicles.

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