Winter Tyres

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Welcome to MML Wholesale, your one-stop destination for reliable winter tyres at affordable prices.

Our winter and snow tyres are designed to help you navigate through the toughest winter conditions with confidence. These tyres are crafted with special rubber compounds that provide superior grip and control on snow, ice, and slush. The unique tread patterns and biting edges of these tyres ensure that you can drive safely and smoothly, even during the worst winter weather.

Keep reading to know more about the winter tyre models we retail and the booking process to end all your “winter tyres near me” searches.

Winter Tyres Shrewsbury

With our winter and snow tyres, you can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free driving experience, no matter how challenging the conditions may be.

Some features of these winter tyres are:

  • High natural soft rubber content
  • Increased sipe density for efficient aquaplaning resistance
  • Deeper treads
  • Excellent traction on snowy/slippery roads at temperatures lower than 7 degrees

If you own a truck or a commercial vehicle, follow the steps below to buy online winter tyres Shrewsbury:

Step 1: Select the size, width, profile, and speed index of the tyres you require from the drop-down menu present in the online tyre finder section on this website.

Step 2: Select winter tyres and pick the model according to your budget and requirements. We not only have Premium- and Mid-range tyres available. You can also buy cheap winter tyres Shrewsbury.

Step 3: Enter your details and complete the booking.

If you need expert advice before buying, just reach out to our experts on 01352 876012.

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